Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2108 Hunter / Rogue

I'm sure everyone is a bit tired of the updates I throw out every so often on our progress in 2's, but I don't care.
We ended our run winning against a 2261 rated Mage / Rogue team, and decided to call it good after that.

I wanted to make our team a little bit better this week by helping Siphter level his Engineering.  With Engineering he has Nitro Boosts for a 2 second super sprint, an Explosive Rocket on gloves, a Gnomish Lightning Generator trinket and the Engineering Helm for better stealth detection.  This gives us even more burst and more options for him to get on his target.

I also have switched up my spec to be more bursty, with less crowd control.  I tried out a Chimaera for a few games and then switched back to my Wasp.  The Cunning tree is just not viable at the moment, although come 3.1, it is getting some buffs.
53 / 18 / 0
This build definitely makes landing a Freezing Arrow a bit tougher (since I do not have Scatter Shot).  But dropping a Freezing Arrow on where the off target will probably move next has actually worked out most the time.

Looking on to 3.1 changes for PvP...

Survival is getting some heavy PvP nerfs:
  • Explosive Shot damage lowered
  • Wyvern Sting only lasts 6 seconds in PvP and now has a longer cooldown (and the glyph only reduces cooldown by 6 seconds, instead of 15)
  • Explosive Shot no longer has a chance to stun the target from T.N.T.

Marksmanship is getting some buffs:
  • Talents are getting much better throughout the Marksmanship tree (damage wise)
  • Chimera Shot mana cost is reduced by about 20%

Beast Mastery is getting one decent buff for PvP:
  • Animal Handler now increases duration of Master's Call instead of reducing the cooldown (which makes it a much better talent, and keeps BM THE mobility tree for Hunters)

I think I will stick with BM come 3.1 for 2v2 Arena given the current 3.1 changes.  I'm not sure what pet I will use come 3.1, either a Wasp or a Chimaera (with the Cunning buffs).


Trackerbr said...

My Spec is still close to this one. Why you come back to wasp??? Just ferocity x cunning tree diference or because Wasp never hide talent???

What kind of shot rotatation you use???
Can you describe your attack method???

David said...

Wasp because the Ferocity tree is a much better tree than Cunning at the moment. The Wasp special is very helpful, but so is the Chimaera special.

Trackerbr said...

I know..... I'm a monk to PVP. I can't keep range from attacker's, Can't keep shot and move or trap dancing. I just need some "how to" make the basic for PVP fighting. Do you have any "PVP Guide for Dummies" ???????

Anonymous said...

Nice post, I really enjoy your PvP posts b/c they are unique especially with your setup. The PvE stuff is easy enough to find via EJ or another similar site. PvP is much more interesting to me.

I am trying to run this setup as Surv right now. Why did you choose BM and not Surv?

Shaedon said...

I was Survival after 3.0.8 and we couldn't really get past 1800. My magical burst was there, had spell penetration, really good gear...

But around 1800 is when we got teams that are pretty decent at CC'ing. As Double DPS, being CC'ed is a very big problem.

I know as Survival I had the extra CC of Wyvern Sting, but against most good healers, they will be looking for it and dispelling it one way or another.

So even though Survival can have some mad burst when not CC'ed, BM will always have mad burst for about 20 seconds of my choosing.

Basically, as BM we do much better against Clothies and Rogues. We do worse against Paladins and Death Knights. But since we still usually lost to good Paladins and Death Knights as Survival, BM takes the cake.