Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hunter PvP in 3.1

The 3.1 patch will dramatically change the situation for Hunters in PvP.

The Survival tree has gotten nerfed pretty heavily.  Marksmanship tree has gotten buffed pretty nicely.  The Beast Mastery tree has been largely ignored with only one talent buff.

Hunter 3.1 Overview:

  • Disengage now has a 30 second cooldown (used to be 25 second)
  • Glyph of the Monkey removed (used to be best glyph for a Hunter in PvP)
  • Frost Trap no longer procs on immune targets (HoF or CoS will disable the Frost Trap)
These major nerfs to every Hunter are going to have the most significant impact in PvP.  The Frost Trap nerf especially seems completely devestating against some teams.

Survival Tree 3.1 Overview:

  • T.N.T. no longer stuns
  • Black Arrow replaces Trap Mastery for 41 point Survival talent, but is on the Trap cooldown (probably will not be used in PvP)
  • Entrapment changed from RNG to instant proc on application (making it much less annoying for other teams and more skill based)
  • Wyvern Sting remains a 1 minute cooldown, but only lasts 6 seconds in PvP (very similar to Repentance, but worse since Wyvern is a poison and a sleep; Undead)
  • Explosive Shot does less damage than on live (actually it might not... very confusing)
I still see Survival Hunters having a place in PvP.  I think they will be merely okay, but it will take much more effort to do well as a Survival Hunter.

 Marksmanship Tree 3.1 Overview:
  • A lot of talent buffs: Piercing Shots, Ranged Weapon Specialization, Wild Quiver, Efficiency, Rapid Recuperation
  • Chimera Shot mana cost has been reduced so that Marksmanship isn't the I bleed mana tree anymore
  • Concussive Barrage is now 2 ranks and gives your Chimera Shot 100% chance to Daze target for 4 seconds (this changed the talent from worthless to amazing)
  • Silencing Shot no longer on the GCD
Marksmanship Hunters will be able to PvP decently after 3.1.  They still take a lot of prep time to do their damage; Sting before Chimera Shot.  I see the main body of Hunters moving over to try out Marksmanship in PvP.
 Beast Mastery Tree 3.1 Overview:
  • Pets get more talents so that the 51 point BM talent is not as worthless
  • Animal Handler now increases the duration of Master's Call by 6 seconds instead of reducing the cooldown on it by 10 seconds (this is a major buff and makes a BM Hunters Master's Call last for 10 seconds)
Beast Mastery Hunters will probably be unchanged come 3.1 as the talent buffs pretty much nullify the overall Hunter nerfs.  I really wish they would spice up the Beast Mastery tree as it was the least changed in 3.0 and now will be the least changed in 3.1.


Anonymous said...

And everything turned out..Exactly opposite of your predictions. Everyone went surv, no one still cares about marks, and black arrow is one of the most used surv abilities, alongside explosive shot.

Shaedon said...

Yeah, but as predicted Hunters are hurting. Survival is a much weaker tree, and I believe a lot of Hunters tried Marks, but than figured it took too much time to prep their damage, and moved back to Survival.

Either way, we are hurting when it comes to Arena.

Anonymous said...

Okey, to start with I'm playing a hunter adn doing some 2v2. It works great! I dont know what ppl are complaining about hunter in arena this season. When i started arena i went for surv. Was not that good. Then i gave myself some hours to get the ultimate specc. And it realise to be BM with a cunning pet! So, i am useing a cunning pet and in BM with more pet talent points. And I also play with a paladin.

So why cunning? Because you need a Bat or a Bird of Pray to not get nuked or interupt. I dont know what is the best between them, the disarm for 6sec or inte interupt (stun for 3sek) atm i play with disarm pet cos meny time before i got wanked by melee. So here what we usely do

Arena start, rushing them, casting a freeze trap on healer and start nuking on dps. when healer get free by wait or useing trinket my paladin use stun and silence. and to 90% of that time the dps is dead. Then wank the healer.

1. you need to play good, both. be fast. use macro and so on
2. Im playing with high ress, so the healer can focus more on stun and silence than me.

I have 2100 rating. And its going up!

Anonymous said...

you guys are nubs. have you looks at the pvp aren rankings? all the top Hunters are ALL MARKSMAN. please go suck somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

aye Surv hunters are good for killing over time and to stack with other attacks from team mates and Marx kills the target alot faster, but both specs are good for PVP. Skilled hunters go for Marx ;)
Huntard is a bad word :P

Anonymous said...

what pets to use? :P i use a cunning pet 'ravager'..which is he best for pvp ?:O

Paladin PVP Guide said...

Still, hunter is a strong character in PvP even they are dramatically change.. 30 sec cold down for Disengage is not bad. I love hunters, i can play it and wash out even rouge or mages.. just a matter of how..lols