Sunday, March 29, 2009

Upcoming 3.1 Marksmanship PvE Guide

For the past month I've been Marksmanship for raiding.  I've enjoyed it much more than I did Survival, even though it is currently a bit lackluster DPS wise. 

Come 3.1 the Marksmanship tree is getting some love PvE and PvP wise.  I believe most Hunters will switch over to Marksmanship for both PvE and PvP to at least try out the spec.

Sometime during the next week I'll post my guide on Marksmanship PvE.  The guide will give a rundown on the Glyph DPS, Talent DPS and the rotation a Marksmanship Hunter should use.

I also hope to play Marksmanship in Arena with Double DPS (I currently use Marksmanship for my BG spec, but not Arena spec) come 3.1.

If your bored on your Hunter I suggest speccing into Marksmanship and trying it out for PvE and PvP, I was pleasantly surprised with both.  Come 3.1 it will only get better.


John said...

I am looking forward to MM in 3.1 for both PvE and PvP. Out of curiosity, can you post your pets' talent specs? I'm curious what choices you made for your Wasp and Crab, in particular.

Shaedon said...

This is my current Wasp spec:

This is my current Crab spec:

Note: I don't run with a healer, so I didn't pick up Blood of the Rhino.

Come 3.1 our pet talent trees are changing so I'm not sure how exactly I'll spec then.

John said...

Thanks Shaedon.

Why did you give your Crab Guard Dog? Is it useful in PvP? I took those 2 pts and maxed out Great Stamina (3/3).

Shaedon said...

Yeah, I didn't mean to put two points into Guard Dog. It was merely for leveling my pet up to 80.

Guard Dog would have no benefit in PvP, but Taunt might. I would think that you might be able to peel a pet off you with Taunt, but it would be annoying to try to make that happen (having to target the pet that you want to peel).

Chris said...

my current 0/20/51 build is great for pvp, even better for arenas so people dont fuck up your wyvern stings

my pets

cat: (bloodthirsty because im bging alot and dont ahve to feed as much)

crab: (have blood of the rhino because i heal him alot and it saves me mana)