Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hunter / Rogue: 2053 Rating

After a stressful two hours, climbing up to 2040 many times before falling again and again to 2000, we managed to put together a string of wins and claim 2053 rating as BM Hunter / Shadowstep Rogue.  That was our goal since a few weeks ago when we started to believe it was actually possible.

Now that we have beaten the PvP and PvE part of WoW it's time to do some relaxing... or continue to level my 74 Ret Paladin.

Having completed my PvP objective I will probably end up talking a lot about 3.1 and what the future holds for Hunters.


Sagitariuz said...

gz! Good Job! I'm looking forwards reading your posts ;)

Sagitariuz said...

Ok tonight I tested this with a Rogue =) We have to time our cc's better and some minor things, but basically, when everything works, we totally dominated (like u said) ;)

what about your eq + glyphes and the eq + glyphes of the rogue? How much resi etc. I would love some more detailled infos about that :D


Shaedon said...

I will make a post in the next day or two that is more detailed about the specifics of the spec, glyphs and gear that I used to get to 2053.

I added armory links for Siphter and I, they are located in between the blog rolls. My arena spec is different than my bg spec (and of course different than my pve spec), so the spec and gear you see me in will most likely be a bit different than what I use for arena.

Trackerbr said...

I'm having a lot of work to set good PVP macros. Do you post something about it???