Monday, March 16, 2009

Tweaked BM Build for Double DPS

I went back to the drawing board for my build and decided to go back to 50/21, BM with Readiness.  Even though Readiness no longer resets Bestial Wrath, it does reset many other essential cooldowns, including: Traps, Deterrence, Master's Call, Flare, Intimidation and Shots.

Since I use a Wasp, having four more talent points (BM 51 point talent) does not help me in PvP.  Come 3.1 it might, as pet trees will get more talent points.

The Glyphs I end up using with this build are:

Glyph of Frost Trap
Glyph of Disengage
Glyph of Aspect of the Monkey (removed in 3.1)

The reason I don't pick up Longevity is because we run Double DPS, so are matches tend to last under one minute.  I never get to use Bestial Wrath more than once unless it comes down to a 1v1 with a healer.  That also means that the Glyph of Bestial Wrath is worthless to me.

Here is my build:

     50 / 21  BM / Readiness


Over the next week I will be very busy with family entertaining, and will probably not post much. 

I would like to hear more about other Hunter (preferably you or the Hunter you play with) successes or failures in trying Hunter Double DPS comps.  If you have exprerience with it please leave a comment.


David said...

In Season 4, I ran with a feral druid as my 2v2 partner for arena. We got as high as 1800 or so. It was very difficult indeed, and we had to often VASTLY outplay any team with a healer. They could make mistake after mistake, and we did not have that option. Against double dps however, we almost always won.

Season 5 has been a MUCH slower process. Took us both a very long time to hit 80, so we have been FAR behind on the gear curve. We barely have a full set of savage blue gear. It has been very frustrating, and my interest in pvp has really dwindled because of it.

I understand why of course, I know I need to gear up much more by doing BGs and saving up honor. But man, It just seems like work sometimes, you know?

Anyway, playing with a feral druid is very fun. 5% more crit, and when I crit I heal myself. I also use BM for it. But since I only have 19k hps (feral has 20k), we just get ganked so quickly right now.

Congrats on your rating though! Fantastic achievement indeed! I noticed you are now survival on the armory. Change of heart with specs?

Shaedon said...

I switched to Survival PvP Spec for a 5's team. I'm back to a BM Spec, but have been queuing non stop DK / Healer teams, which is just frustrating.

gihjrbgi said...

Im currently running yuor exotic pet build with my Rogue Buddy..

Thing is Rogue does need a bit more PvP gear cause hes just getting 2 shotted if caught.

What i would love to see is mabey a video of you guys playing cause were just getting used to werll pvp in arena in this season.

wee have dropped down to 1300 rating cause paly DK teams seem to hump us any advice?

Ps you guys are our heroes

Shaedon said...

Against good DK teams you will most likely lose as Hunter / Rogue.

Against any Rogue team, you should win 95% of the time.

Against other teams you should win 75% of the time.

That's basically how it breaks down.

The strategy used against DK teams is to CC the DK, and kill the other player. Unfortunately as Hunter / Rogue, it's very tough to CC the DK long enough to get a kill.

gihjrbgi said...

well I respecced back to BM Readiness

:P Cause forgot how good it was.
But yeah your Percentages are right i mean weve even had Hot Streak but as soon as we meet that Freaking DK pally teams Its game over :( which sadens me!

Cause we noticed were actuly the anti rogue Rogue mage team.

You share that ?

Also Charcter name Lynora EU SkullCrusher 24k hp 600 res

Saying that we still to try our new gear out this weeek cause we have been whoring pvp hehe

Shaedon said...

Yeah, we love Mage / Rogue teams. It's not always easy to beat a good Mage / Rogue, but we always have a good shot at winning.