Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Special Ability: Serenity Dust
  • Increase AP by 10% and heals for 555-745 (rank 5, lvl 64) over 15 sec.

Rabid: 5% AP, stacks up to 5 times
Call of the Wild: 10% AP party boost
Aspect of the Beast: 10% AP to pet

All of these stack to create a potential for decent burst on a target given the following:

Beast Within, Kill Command and a Paladin close by for Might on yourself and your pet.

This is what is possible on normal pet attacks:

Of course this is only for a 8-15 second window that your pet can output this kind of damage.  Serenity Dust is on a 42 second cooldown with Longetivity.  Might for the AP boost is quite essential. This kind of burst was more interesting before level 80, now its not really that interesting.  At least the Moth is a Ferocity pet, so it has an excellent tree.

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