Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tame a Gorilla!

Run don't walk to STV to get yourself a pet gorilla.  The few hours I spent playing with my new gorilla I thoroughly enjoyed.  Their aoe special is spectacular, and along with our new much improved Volley we can aoe mobs down with ease.

After you find the gorilla of your choice (Petopia gorilla page), embark into the wild and aoe like mad (here is an aoe guide to help find locations).  Remember, pet leveling has been buffed, so it is much easier to level a pet, and with aoe'ing you can level your pet even quicker.

So go out and enjoy your new aoe Hunter!

Update:  It took me only 4 hours to level up my gorilla from 65 to 70!  That's speedy fast compared to what it used to take...  although part of the reason it was so quick was because of the aoe extravaganza!


Anonymous said...


ive heard everyone say hey tame a gorilla cause of Thunderstomp for AOE management.. but now that Thunderstomp is on every Tenacity pets talent tree. is the Gorilla still the best for AOE management?? i use a boar and they seem to be ok... what is the difference??

Thanks :)

Shaedon said...

Bears and Crocodiles are now the aoe kings, as they both have an aoe special and Thunderstomp.

But yes, any Tenacity pet can now be solid at aoe because of having Thunderstomp.

Anonymous said...

cool didnt know that

jsut checked petopia, seems bears got "Swipe" as their AOE ability right?? and i guess they have a better attack than boars?? so maybe ill pick one up then heh :)

just wondering what the AOE for Crocodiles are ? Is it 'Bad Attitude?' "Snap back for [rank] damage at any target that strikes you for the next 45 sec." .. Is that for one target or many??

thanks for the replies :)

Shaedon said...

Bad Attitude will work against all targets that attack your pet for the duration.