Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chimaera: Froststorm Breath + Wolverine Bite = Win

For the last week I have been absolute in love with one pet, a Chimaera (exotic pet).  There is nothing quite like seeing my pet Froststorm Breath someone from range in the face and slowing them down so I can stand there and unload.

Froststorm Breath is the special Chimaera's have.  The ability inflicts 30-40 Frost & Nature damage (scales & doubled in 3.0.3) and slows the target for 5 sec.  Froststorm Breath is on a 10 sec CD, but 3/3 Longevity make it a 7 sec CD (that's an uptime of 71.4%).

Even if Froststorm Breath were the only thing going for a Chimaera, they would still be excellent for PvP.  But there is an ability in the Cunning tree called Wolverine Bite.  This ability causes 355 damage, modified by pet lvl, that your pet can use after its target dodges, and cannot be dodged, blocked or parried.  It is on a 10 sec CD, but that's 7 sec CD with 3/3 Longevity.

My screenshot of the Wolverine Bite critting the Rogue in Warsong Gulch for 3.2k is evidence enough that this ability kicks some serious ass.

Here is some data that I have compiled after a long World PvP session in front of the Scarlet Monastery.  It is not entirely accurate as sometimes I would kill a few low lvl mobs in the way, but for the most part it gives us an idea about the Chimaera's abilities in PvP.

Chimaera Data

As you can see, the Chimaera being a Cunning pet, does not tend to crit often in PvP (Resilience blows).  The htis and crits are not anything special.

Bite crits a little more often due to Cobra Strikes.  It's damage is right around a melee hit.

Froststorm Breath:
Again, FB crits more often than Melee because of Cobra Strikes.  FB's damage is not very good.  However, when the damage is doubled it will do a little more damage, on average, than Bite or Melee.  That is pretty huge considering it also slows for 5 sec.

Wolverine Bite:
And last but not least we have Wolverine Bite.  It seemed to crit considerably higher than other special abilities and I'm not sure why that is.  As you can see the damage is amazing, average hits were 597, and average crits were 1147.  To get the much higher hits and crits with Wolverine Bite, Kill Command needs to be used (1492 hit, 2835 crit).

I have been completely surprised on how deeply I've fallen for my Chimaera.  In World PvP & BG's there is no other like my Chimaera.  In Arena's its a little more dependant on group makeup.

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