Sunday, October 5, 2008

An Uplifting Hunter Post

This post goes to show that there is indeed still some hope left for Hunter's and that we still have a decent shot at being able to compete in Arena's come WotLK.

I found myself today on the PTR dueling my Rogue friend.  I found out that I am able to compete.  Disengage is extremely fun to use, although I hope they remove the restrictions on it.  I also love my Tenacity pet for PvP.  Roar of Sacrifice is huge, especially since it's currently bugged to absorb 100% damage, but even at 30% damage, that should be very useful in PvP with its short cooldown.

I can see myself on the PTR having better defense against melee, but no increased defense verse casters.  So I truly hope they make Deterrence have that 60% spell resist again...  Or casters are going to eat us for breakfast.

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ihlos said...

Im hoping that tenacity pets will be harder to kill, just enough to deter people from bothering with them. If left alive, RoS will allow us to divert a ton of damage, even in its proper form.