Friday, October 17, 2008

Dragonhawk: 18% Dodge & Hawk AP

Q u o t e:
This has got me a little worried on the basis if it is truly an upgrade or a disaster in disguise. Since AotM and AotH are being combined please tell me that their stats are not being reduced in anyway, shape, or form.

They are not being reduced in any way, shape or form. The idea is that you no longer ever need to go into Monkey or Hawk at high level. Now, of course that could change if hunters end up being too good for some reason. But we have no upcoming plans to nerf it.

Q u o t e:
While this is a great change, the fact that you don't even mention Aspect of the Beast in your "rotation" might be indicative that this aspect really has little to no purpose.

We do need to find a better role for Beast but we thought this was enough of a change for now.

Q u o t e:
I am in a bit of disbelief that you think this change is useless. It gives you two Aspects for the Price of one, and buffs one of them. Plus all glyphs interact with Dragonhawk as if it were either Aspect individually.

If you were an expert at switching aspects and were never going to be in Hawk in melee or Monkey at range, then I suppose it won't have a huge effect on you. In that case it's more of a "quality of life" change. You do get some minor benefits from being in both modes at the same time -- say you need to get one last shot off while someone is in melee with you perhaps.

Q u o t e:
Ug, doesn't this just totally destroy the entire argument about melee needing to be able to hit hunters in melee when they close in with them?

No, because hunters always had Monkey. They were likely going to switch into it anyway when you close to melee with them. In fact, this is why we prefer this solution to just letting hunters gets lots of dodge from Agility. This way we know exactly what their dodge chance will be rather than having hunters do much better damage AND be much more evasive in melee as their Agi gets higher and higher.

Q u o t e:
This makes it sound like your adding an additional 10% dodge to monkey but that's hardly a little.. Just to clarify, do you mean that you'll be raising the current monkey up to about 10%?

Monkey and Dragonhawk offer 18% dodge now.


Wow, this is a very nice buff to Hunter's vs. Melee.  If we can manage to pull out a buff in our magic defense department (as we have zero magic defense right now, I do not count pet specific specials) than we might have a fighting chance in the Arena.

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