Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blizzcon Overview ; (

There are just some weeks its tough to be an optimistic PvP Hunter.  This is one of those weeks.

Plopsinbeta has a good forum post about his experience at Blizzcon and the answer Tom Chilton gave him about a question Plop had about our GCD.

"He then went on to explain that he understands how we are always waiting on the GCD, but added that casters do not have an auto-shoot/swing mechanic seperate from the GCD such as hunters and warriors. It is this ability to auto swing that prevents us from being classified as casters in regards to haste affecting the GCD."


PvP Q&A (Dev Answers)

"You're in mail, you're armored, you should be able to survive enough to walk away, while caster's can't."


"Hunter's are not affected by spell pushback."


"Tricky, hunter's want everything off the GCD.  I would not rule it out completely."


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Ihlos said...

You missed a gold nugget they tucked away inconspicuosly in the dungeon and raids panel :)