Saturday, October 4, 2008

Beta / PTR Build 9038 and GC

Only a few changes under the hood:

  • Ex-caster pets now have the same damage and stats as non-caster pets.
  • 70-80 base health of pets may be increased about 10%.

I really hope Blizz takes a look at the beginning of the Beast Mastery tree and Survival tree as a whole, as they leave much to be desired, not too excited about either. Beast Mastery beginning talents have not been touched in ages, and some are ridiculously terrible.

I have a feeling if Hunter's are not doing well in PvP come patch, we will have quite a few PvP Hunter's roll a DK so they can compete in Arena's. Especially since they wear plate and are anti-casters, sounds amazing. I will always love my Hunter's playstyle. But I might have a DK sidekick. There is still hope for Hunter's in PvP, and eventually it will come together, please God let it come together...

One idea came to be for a fun 5's team: 5 Hunter's with Gorilla's as pets. Multi-Shot + Thunderstomp spam could be a lot of AoE damage. I wonder if it would ever be plausible. Maybe if Hunter's had a few more defensive abilities so the team wouldn't have a few of those Hunter's die instantly...

Now on to Ghostcrawler's post on the forum:

Q u o t e:
We are here to TEST stuff. Let us test this for one patch and see the results. If they are TOO good (lol), then all you have to do is revert the change.

Man, I love the idea. I just don't think the beta community at large could handle it. Every single nerf is greeted with a lot of howling. Even the hunters freaked out a little when a mob ability was mistakenly reported as a nerf to wing clip. We were tarred when we hadn't even done anything. :) Now, the one possible exception are the death knights, who don't handle nerfs that badly, but I suspect that's because nobody has a death knight main yet.

I would like to try a pet model at some point where the pets were sturdy and easily healed, but contributed much less of the total dps (like 15-25% instead of 30-40%).

The GCD, as I've said, is a good deal trickier. If anything, we regret a little pulling some abilities off of the GCD because that opened the barn door for other requests to remove things from it. 

Q u o t e:
Side question: If we end up in the same boat during season 5 of the arena as we have in season 1-4, will there be a proactive effort to help us out as a class?



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