Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hunter & Rogue 2v2 Arena - 3.0.2

I 2v2 with my rogue friend.  We were a win away from attaining 1650 yesterday, but unfortunately we started queuing the Ret Pally teams, and we could not close the deal.

As a Hunter, I have zero defense vs. casters and therefore cannot engage them out in the open and hope to live to tell the tale.  There is only one reliable defense against casters: LOS!

Every game I find a pillar and stick on it, laying a frost trap by it and kiting around it.  My Chimeara helps kiting with Frostorm Breath.  The Beast Within can also help with kiting or damage depending on the need.

Most players trying to kill me will give up way too late, after my partner has already killed the healer or their other dps.  With nameplates in sight no matter where you are in the Arena, LOS'ing has never been easier.

This LOS worked incredibly well at defending me against mages, warlocks, priests, warriors, rogues and shamans.  It did not help in defending me against Paladins, because of Freedom, and it only helped a little bit verse Hunters, because of Pets.

There definitely is some sweet redemption to LOS'ing the same classes who use to LOS me in the past.

With the upcoming buffs to Disengage and Aspect of the Monkey, Hunter's will be in an even better position against Melee, while still lacking magic defense.  Unfortunately Arcane Mages will still be crazy bursty, as will Moonkins, but at least Ret Pallies might not continue their crusade of destruction.

I still think Hunter's are in the basement of the Arena class pool, especially if the better classes are casting classes (as we have no defense against them).

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