Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Viper Change & Exotic Buff


Two changes coming up:

We aren't happy with how Aspect of the Viper is working in PvP, but it seems fine in PvE. We're going to try changing it so that 50% of its current regen is passive, leaving the remaining 50% active. That should give hunters some more mana in Arenas in particular when dealing with opponents who manage to get out of LOS a lot. Yet, in PvE where hunter dps is very high, the difference in regen shouldn't be very noticable. We are also going to let Viper return mana from melee attacks for those cases where a melee opponent is too close for comfort.

The second change is to some of the numbers on the special attacks of exotic pets to make sure the pets are around a 10% increase from normal pets. This should make exotic pets a reasonable benefit for the talent point (especially when you also count the bonus pet talents) without making every BM hunter feel like they are limited to just those pets.

 Q u o t e:
1) Take the mp5 you gain currently from using viper actively
2) Half that value for the active gain
3) Make the other half of the mp5 a passive gain.

Yes, something like this. We'll try per 3 sec first because that's better for performance, but we can go to 1 sec if need be. 

I don't think you do your fellow players a service when you respond to blue posts on one topic with a lot of discussion about other topics. But that's just my opinion.

Here is the actual Viper change we're going to implement: The per attack mana regeneration has been reduced by 50% but it now generates 4% of maximum mana every 3 sec. In addition, the per attack regeneration now also works on melee attacks. 


This is good news for Hunters.  Viper needed a passive change to be worthwhile in PvP and makes it better for grinding/leveling.  The boost to Exotic pets is just pure bonus!  Still not thrilled about the 51 point BM talent, since it still has to compete with Aimed Shot & Scatter Shot at 70, and Readiness at 80, but at least they are buffing it.

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