Friday, October 10, 2008

Moth Overview for BM PvP


Serenity Dust
Increase AP by 10% and heals for 555-745 (rank 5, lvl 64) over 15 sec.

Rabid: 5% AP, stacks up to 5 times
Call of the Wild: 10% AP party boost
Aspect of the Beast: 10% AP to pet

All of these stack to create a potential massive burst on a target given the following:

Beast Within, Blood Fury (Orc Racial), and a Paladin close by for Might on yourself and your pet.

This is what is possible on normal pet attacks:

Of course this is only for a 8-15 second window that your pet can output this kind of damage.  Serenity Dust is on a 42 second cooldown with Longetivity.  Might for the AP boost is quite essential.  This kind of burst would only be majorly helpful in 2's, with a Paladin partner.


Can't wait to try out numerous pets come patch to see how they can perform in the Arena.  I just added a pets section to give more detail about each pet and their PvP performance, this list will be updated more frequently come patch.

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